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Automated Interviews is Changing Recruiting Forever

| By Andy Wigderson

Automated Interviews TargetrecruitIn part one of the recruiting automation blog series, benefits of automation were outlined and automated screening was discussed in detail. Recruiting automation is not just limited to screening and can automate most of the hiring processes- one of them being interviewing. Automated interviews differ drastically from traditional methods because everything happens virtually. Not only does this save time and effort, but it also reduces the cost of hiring.

Why automated interviews

Scheduling automated interview is extremely flexible and considers the availability of the candidates. With automated interviews, applicants from all over the world can be included in the process without having them travel to a specific location.

Organisations are switching to automated interviews due to several benefits. It does not compromise on the quality of the recruitment process and with the right automation platform, one can hire the best talent. Automated interviewing is not just a replacement for traditional methods, rather it is a new avatar of interviews- a complete digital overhaul.

How does it work?

The structure is the key to an automated interview process, which is followed by applicant tracking systems or staffing software. Here is how it works:

Step 1:

When a candidate expresses interest in a job opening, the candidate is sent an invitation for the interview. Automated emails are sent out to all of the interested applicants and candidates can select a suitable time slot, using the scheduling feature.

Step 2:

On a predetermined date, the candidates are required to record the answers using video interviews platform support by the ATS. Most of these products are customisable and can be used by recruiters to set the questions required for the job. They can even set multiple stages of the interviewing process.

Step 3:

The video interview is initiated with an automated email sent out to the candidates with a link to submit the response. Recruiters can even include guidelines in the email for the applicants. The video is recorded and candidates can even do retakes.

Step 4:

All of the video interviewing responses can be analysed by the recruiting team to select the best candidates. This saves a lot of time and is done much more quickly and efficiently. Further automation can be also done by using artificial intelligence to analyse video responses of the candidates and automatically select the best from the group and email them as well upon selection.


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In the next blog of this series, we will discuss the future of automation. Stay tuned!

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