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Don’t Open that Closet!

| By Bobby Bartlett


If you’re like most people, there is at least one spot in your home that isn’t company-ready. It could be an overcrowded closet or a catch-all drawer or the cords and cabling behind your entertainment center. In a staffing business, it’s often the duct-taped and jerry-rigged systems that connect the staffing front office to the back. When multiple applications and systems are cobbled together over time, you eventually reach a point where what was once cool or expedient is now costly and inefficient. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are now highly flexible solutions built on powerful platforms that allow you to transform your business with a fully integrated, single-source enterprise solution.

How Companies Outgrow Their Technology

When a staffing business starts, everyone wears multiple hats and performs lots of different jobs, creating unique processes to streamline the work. That could mean a simple accounting solution, a timekeeping application or a payroll and billing system. As the business grows, we add an ATS, then a CRM solution. We fill in with email marketing and content management apps. Some may be created in-house; others we buy. As the speed of technology accelerates, we may switch from do-it-yourself to off-the-shelf. As the business grows, we become more sophisticated and specialised, and we get more tools to help us do our jobs.

What happens to the business processes and tools that fall into disuse? Some may disappear, others get pushed into the corners of our offices, our computers and our closets. They are forgotten until that moment when they unintentionally disrupt process flow or complicate operations or decelerate growth.

Staffing Companies Focused on Growth Need Technology Designed for Growth

We may plan for measured expansion and incremental growth, but we all take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Building your technology stack is a similar exercise. We plan for future needs, but immediate opportunities may require unplanned decisions. Sometimes we buy new technology outright; sometimes we inherit it via mergers and acquisitions. No matter how it is accumulated, the result is usually a somewhat chaotic collection of overlapping and duplicative applications that are difficult to manage and eventually impossible to support and sustain.

Growing Pains

When you outgrow all the different applications and point solutions that helped you build your business and hone your capabilities, it’s time to make a significant shift to a solution that is big enough and flexible enough to grow with you. You need a trusted enterprise platform with out-of-the-box security, performance, reliability and scalability. No matter how great the features and functionality of the latest software, if it cannot support your end-to-end requirements, it will only delay the inevitable discussion of how to get past the plateau growth state. You can no longer rely on fill-in solutions that are only as good as the workarounds created to connect one to another.

Take Advantage of Enterprise Technology Designed to Grow with You

Anything on your technology wish list is attainable, given enough time, money and development skill to create it, but why would you want to do that? Why expend resources on technology that could be better invested in recruiting and staffing capabilities? When you choose a powerful and flexible enterprise technology platform, you multiply your capabilities at any scale. You can configure features and functionality to meet your specific needs without the expense or time commitments that always accompany heavy customisation. For example:

  • Automate workflows through clicks rather than code. Build complex workflows with visual elements and reusable building blocks. Cut down on unnecessary extra effort, reduce human error and deliver a better service to your candidates and clients.
  • Integrate everything faster. Connect disparate systems with API-led services or access a large, established library of proven apps, components, templates and more, without the need for customisation.
  • Keep it simple. No matter how many different countries you operate in or how many business units or brands you have, an integrated enterprise solution allows you to run everything on a single platform. System users only see what they need to see, despite the many different requirements users may have.

It’s Time to Open that Closet and Clean It Out!

Get ready for a new beginning. Clean out the proverbial mess in your technology closet. Prepare to accelerate growth for your business with a fully integrated, single-source enterprise solution that will give you the flexibility to expand when possible, pivot when needed and take advantage of opportunity whenever and wherever it is presented. Explore the possibilities for your staffing business by scheduling a demo or reach out to learn more.

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