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Exploring the Value and Challenges of the CRM: Insights from Recruitment Live

| By TargetRecruit

CRM software

In a recent roundtable discussion hosted by The Global Recruiter and TargetRecruit, a group of  industry experts delved into the world of recruitment technology, shedding light on the value and challenges they can offer to the industry. 

1. Dynamic Change in 2024

Switching CRM solutions isn’t a decision to be taken lightly due to potential business disruptions. However, many recruitment firms are actively seeking to optimise their tech stack this year, recognising the limitations of outdated systems and technologies and the possibilities and prospects new tech can bring.

Key takeaway: The consensus at the roundtable was clear: if current solutions don’t meet expectations or lack vital functionalities, a change is imperative or disadvantages in business will continue to grow.

2. Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

Selecting the right CRM involves a comprehensive evaluation of core business needs. Anna Cooper highlighted the importance of them using TargetRecruit at the Marva Group for managing complex healthcare recruitment schedules as an example of a strategic decision based on identified needs.

Key takeaway: Targeting specific business requirements ensures that CRM solutions become strategic assets rather than mere underutilised tools.

3. Provider Partnership Matters

Beyond technology, the attitude and direction of CRM providers play a crucial role. A partnerships style relationship between users and suppliers allows for scalable and evolving solutions thanks to feedback which inspires future technological advancements.

Key takeaway: Open dialogue with CRM partners fosters a collaborative environment where technology evolves with business needs, ensuring sustained ROI.

4. Compliance and Ethical Considerations

While technological advancements offer promising functionalities, firms must navigate compliance challenges, particularly regarding GDPR regulations. Sara Burton (Cobalt) and Lloyd Cremer (Halian) cautioned against overly aggressive data-scraping practices, advocating for a balanced approach that prioritises ethical data sourcing.

Key takeaway: Balancing technological advancements with ethical data sourcing practices is crucial in navigating compliance challenges and maintaining trust with both candidates and clients.

5. Redefining Candidate Engagement

Effective CRM utilisation with clean data allows for personalised candidate engagement, distinguishing recruitment businesses from one another and enhancing client satisfaction by offering a more bespoke service opposed to relying on job sites.

Key takeaway: Leveraging CRM capabilities to personalise candidate engagement across diverse social media channels enables firms to differentiate themselves and deliver a more tailored experience.

6. Data Hygiene and Behavioural Shifts

Maintaining data hygiene remains a perpetual challenge. However, some companies have successfully implemented initiatives to address the issue of good data management through recruiter’s having data ownership of their candidate pools.

Key takeaway: Creating a culture of data ownership from top to bottom is essential for ensuring best practices for data integrity, laying the groundwork for future technological innovations in recruitment.

7. AI’s Role in Recruitment

Anticipation surrounds AI’s potential impact on recruitment processes. While AI can assist in data processing and task management, the consensus suggests that human decision-making will remain paramount in interpreting and acting upon data insights. The discussion agreed that while AI technology could collect and process data, the decision on what to do and how to react to that data would remain a human one.

Key takeaway: While AI holds promise in streamlining processes, human judgement and expertise remains irreplaceable in interpreting data insights and making informed decisions.

8. The Imperative of Data Readiness

Neil Curry emphasised the critical role of data readiness in harnessing technology’s potential. Despite LinkedIn’s influence, a robust CRM remains indispensable for recruitment firms, providing a foundation for exceptional service delivery to both candidates and clients.

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Value and Challenges of CRM

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