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Top 3 Tedious Tasks of Recruiters and How to Ease Them

| By Andy Wigderson

tedious tasks of recruiters

The Covid-19 pandemic has created upheavals across industries and the year 2020 has seen unprecedented levels of unemployment. This means that hiring is becoming increasingly competitive due to the sheer volume of applicants, making the job of recruiters even more challenging. If at this time, your recruiters are busy doing their tasks manually, then most probably the goals that you would have laid out for your staffing firm this year are not going to be met or it would be challenging to meet them. Recruiters need to start thinking strategically for your firm to succeed in these times.

Technology is known for easing the challenges of any industry and staffing is no different. Irrespective of this global crisis, a strong recruitment software can empower your recruiters and ensure that they face the challenges of the industry head on.

In this blog, we have listed some of the tedious tasks that recruiters have to do while hiring and how they can be eased with the use of recruiting software.

Deal Sheets

Deal sheets, especially for healthcare staffing firms, require recruiters to perform the complex mathematical calculations and to determine rates and margins profitably. Deal sheets need to change on a client-by-client or job-by-job basis. This means changing burden types and rules for every single client or job.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Taxes need to be loaded in the calculation, orientation rates need to be set, overtime thresholds need to be set up, and more. Recruiters need to refer to the GSA database to populate lodging and per diem rates based on the location of the job.

If done manually this can be extremely complicated with a high risk of human error. An applicant tracking software that supports deal sheets configuration can be invaluable in such cases and can save a lot of time and improve productivity for recruiters.

How can TargetRecruit Help?

TargetRecruit’s Deal Sheets with Pay Packages feature helps recruiters dynamically confirm rates for both candidates and clients on the fly while adhering to contractual rates and maintaining margins. All the calculations are done on a deal sheets template, which can then be assigned to a client or a job. See this video and pdf to learn more.

To help close the loop, we offer the ability to send Pay Packages. Every time a job is created, including those from your VMS, and every time an applicant is created, including those from your website, you can automatically send formatted and personalised customised pay package emails to your candidates based on criteria you determine.


Most recruiters receive a huge volume of emails a day, from candidates or clients. In a scenario without the right technology in place, the recruiter will be moving back and forth between email and the ATS. So every time, a recruiter gets an email from a new contact or a candidate, he has to go to the ATS and create the profile manually. When a client sends a job order in an email, the job needs to be created in the ATS separately.

This may be manageable for smaller volumes but can easily tie up too much of a consultants time when the number of applicants increases, and can result in delays making candidates and jobs live, or result in only a selection of candidates making it into the ATS.

But, email is still the preferred communication channel for staffing firms, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.  The solution is an ATS with a fully integrated email solution, allowing seamless blending of data between the email client and the ATS database.  Candidate resumes and job briefs can be added in seconds and are immediately available for consultants to work on.

How can TargetRecruit Help?

With TargetRecruit Email Connector, TargetRecruit ATS can be integrated with Outlook or Gmail, you can view and access information about clients, candidates, and contacts directly from your inbox. Email integration will allow you to track all candidates and client emails automatically. You can quickly add a contact or a candidate from Outlook or Gmail, create job orders, parse resumes or add notes- all from your inbox. See this video and pdf to learn more.


In our previous blog, we talked about how staffing firms can improve their speed-to-hire. But there is one step that slows the speed down more than any other – when you have finally found that perfect candidate, presenting that person to the hiring manager as quickly and professionally as possible usually decides your placement success and closure rate.

A good Candidate Presentation requires a lot of time. Recruiters need to select what data elements to include in the presentation including work history, education history, background checks, skill tests, on-boarding documents, etc. The Document needs to be clean, well-formatted, and branded as per client requirements, with the candidates contact details removed. Also, the same format needs to be maintained every time for a client, which means maintaining multiple formats of presentations depending on the client. This can be extremely laborious if done manually. What recruiters need is a Candidate Presentation Tool that can generate presentations automatically, depending on the client.

How can TargetRecruit Help?

With TargetRecruit’s Candidate Presentation feature, recruiters can create presentations in just a few minutes. They can choose which data elements to include, add branding elements of the company such as customised header, footer, and company logo, create multiple presentation types per candidate, and easily send the presentations to the clients. 

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