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TargetRecruit's Copilot to elevate recruitment efficiency with AI

Copilot: Our New Artificial Intelligence Tool

Copilot is here to completely transform recruitment operations. This new feature elevates customer interaction with GPT-based models for seamless text generation capabilities, and offers a user-friendly configuration experience that puts you in control.

With Copilot, you have the freedom to define prompt templates, prompt fields, and mapped fields on a per-object basis. This empowers you to tailor Copilot’s behavior to match the specific context and requirements of each object within your recruitment process. In simpler terms, it’s like having an AI assistant that can generate text recommendations for job descriptions, summarise CVs, create candidate summaries, and even craft interview questions that are perfectly aligned with your job descriptions, all based on the prompt input and context you provide.

Tailor-made for recruitment, think of it as having a writing partner who knows exactly what you’re looking for and can craft text recommendations that perfectly match your needs. With Copilot, you’ll save time, streamline recruiter workflows, and make smarter hiring decisions with just a few clicks.

The Heart of Copilot: AI-Driven Text Suggestions

At the heart of Copilot’s utility are its AI-driven text suggestions. When users interact with the system, Copilot engages the AI model to generate text recommendations based on the prompt input and context. These suggestions are incredibly versatile and can be effortlessly applied to record fields for immediate and practical application. Copilot comes complete with a predefined prompt template that intuitively populates relevant record information, making the integration process seamless and efficient.

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AI summarising Candidate Resumes

Automatically Summarise Candidate CVs

With Copilot, sifting through digital CVs becomes a breeze. It can automatically summarise candidate CVs, extracting the most relevant information and presenting it in a concise format. This means you spend less time deciphering CVs and more time focusing on finding the perfect candidates

AI generating interview questions for the recruiters

Generate Interview Questions

Copilot’s capabilities extend to creating interview questions tailored to the job description and the candidate’s profile. Say goodbye to the hassle of brainstorming interview questions from scratch. Copilot can generate relevant and thought-provoking questions based on job history, helping you conduct more effective and structured interviews.

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Create Candidate Summaries

Copilot doesn’t stop at summarising CVs; it takes the next step by crafting candidate summaries based on both the CV and the job description. Now you can automatically present a hiring manager with a comprehensive summary that highlights the candidate’s key qualifications and how they align with the job requirements. Copilot makes this possible, providing you with a powerful tool to impress decision-makers.

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Instantly Generate Job Descriptions

Copilot leverages automated prompts that seamlessly craft comprehensive, tailored job descriptions that perfectly match recruitment needs, save time, and streamline recruiter workflows with just a few clicks. Copilot’s user-friendly configuration empowers customisation to suit specific job or industry requirements. 

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Currently, the AI Integration Framework is operational with ChatGPT, supporting the ‘gpt-3.5-turbo’ and ‘text-davinci-003’ models. What truly sets this framework apart is its not limited to specific AI providers and models. Instead, it can easily incorporate other providers by adding specific Adapters and Services. This means that as the AI landscape evolves, TargetRecruit’s AI Integration Framework will evolve with it, ensuring that you always have access to the latest AI technologies.

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The Future of Recruitment Technology

Copilot is the ultimate AI-powered recruitment companion, transforming the hiring process by automatically summarising candidate CVs, generating candidate summaries and job descriptions, and crafting interview questions tailored to job descriptions. With its user-friendly customisation options, Copilot gives you full control over its capabilities, making recruitment more efficient and effective.

TargetRecruit empowers you to harness the full potential of AI with Copilot. As we continue to innovate and expand our artificial intelligence capabilities, we invite you to take advantage of the best enterprise software solutions as we continue to implement the latest advancements in recruitment technology.

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