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When trying to fill roles quickly but effectively it’s important to consider location in addition to the candidates’ skills and experience. Candidates may be more willing to take a local role or to travel further if the job location is close to easy transport links. Our Salesforce applicant tracking system’s HeatMap feature allows recruiters to view the location of candidates from a search result in map format, with additional colour coding to show their suitability.

  • Uses global mapping to work anywhere in the world
  • Colour coding shows suitability of candidates based on credentials or onboarding status
  • Pop-up preview displays key data on each candidate without having to open the record
  • Highlights commuting and transport link options
  • Can show vacancies in relation to a candidate, or candidates in relation to a vacancy
  • Allows in-line approval, rejection or saving to speed up the shortlisting process
ATS Heatmaps

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