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Our Integrations

Customer needs are complex. To meet them, TargetRecruit works with a large ecosystem of partners that integrate with our solution. We can unify your systems to streamline your data flows and automate the movement of data across the different applications in your tech stack.

The Salesforce platform enables TargetRecruit to be extended with other native applications while providing the security and API model to also integrate to non-native systems.

Completing your business-specific solution stack is possible using our comprehensive APIs, toolkits, and third-party adaptors; making the connections you need to effectively move your business forward.

Some of our established integrations include:

Accounting/Finance/PayrollQuickbooks, FinancialForce, ADP, PayChex
Artificial IntelligenceSalesforce Einstein
Background VerificationUniversal Background Screening
Credentials/Compliance, OnboardingEssium
Data ManagementZoomInfo
Document GenerationDrawloop
Duplicate ManagementDataTrim
Email IntegrationSalesforce Inbox
GDPR ComplianceEbsta
Job PostingIdibu, Broadbean
Marketing AutomationPardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Marketing Services/ Marketing TechnologyHaley Marketing
Referral ManagementStaffing Referrals, Workllama
Sales AutomationSalesforce Sales Cloud
SchedulingIsimio, Shiftboard, Skedulo
SearchDaxtra, TextKernel
Services AutomationSalesforce Service Cloud
SMS/Texting360 SMS App, SMS Magic, TextUs, Sense
Video InterviewingNativeVideo
VMS AutomationJobRobotix
VoIPCloudCall, Vonage

Salesforce AppExchange

The Salesforce AppExchange is an online marketplace built by Salesforce which offers ready-to-install apps covering everything from communication to marketing to collaboration and beyond. It has more than 3000+ apps and TargetRecruit can integrate with these apps with little or no effort. It’s easy to find apps on the AppExchange to meet your business needs. They are categorised by:

  • Type (apps, components, data, etc.)
  • Product (sales, marketing, analytics, etc.)
  • Industry (communications, financial, media, etc.)

By tapping the power of the Salesforce platform, we give you integration superpowers. How do we accomplish this? It begins with the fact that many of our competitors are simply not large enough to be considered for a significant range of software product integrations. TargetRecruit sails above this with our platform on Salesforce and this brings you, our customer, a powerful edge in your industry.

Salesforce Appexchange

Types of Apps that Integrate with TargetRecruit

Native Apps

With Native apps, everything is built directly on Salesforce and operates purely inside TargetRecruit; no external servers or code required. These apps can be downloaded directly from the AppExchange using simple plug and play. They are then consumed into the TargetRecruit UI and act as a single application.

One login, one database, one platform for your users.

Non-Native and Other Apps

Non-Native apps can run both inside and outside of Salesforce/TargetRecruit. Elements of the application may be within Salesforce/TargetRecruit; however, the app itself may be hosted elsewhere and data may be transferred between platforms and stored on outside, third-party servers. These apps integrate with TargetRecruit using APIs. With real-time and near-to-real-time integrations, any changes in one app will simultaneously update the other as well. For apps that do not support real-time integration, batch integration provides data updates on an hourly or daily basis to the other app.


APIs in TargetRecruit serve many different purposes. For integrating TargetRecruit with other apps, we primarily use Salesforce APIs. Their primary function is to let you manipulate and exchange your data seamlessly.


A simple and powerful web service based on RESTful (Representational state transfer) principles, REST API exposes all sorts of Salesforce functionality. You can create, read, update, and delete records, search or query data, retrieve object metadata, and access other information. REST API is a Lightweight request, easy to use, and supports both XML and JSON. It’s an excellent choice for use with mobile applications and web apps.


Based on the industry-standard protocol of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), SOAP API uses Web Services Description Language (WSDL) file to define the parameters for accessing data. SOAP API supports XML only, and most of its functionalities are available through REST API. Use SOAP API in any language that supports web services, like integrating with ERP and finance systems.

Bulk API

It is a specialised RESTful API and is used for loading and querying more than 50,000 records at once. Bulk API is asynchronous and delivers results of the request submitted with a delay. It is best suited for performing tasks that involve a large volume of records.

Streaming API

A specialised API that helps set up notifications that trigger whenever the data changes, Streaming API uses a publish-subscribe model and reduces the number of API requests by eliminating the need for polling.

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