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Deal Sheets are driven by templates, which are fully configurable on a client-by-client or job-by-job basis. This allows you to change burden types and rules for every single client or job. As part of the template creation, you can set the desired gross margin and desired pay rate.

Taxes can be preloaded to help with the calculations.

Orientation rates can be easily configured.

Assignment rules and length, including overtime and thresholds, can be setup.

Burden calculations, by dollar and/or percentage, are used for applying company insurance, VMS fees, bonuses and other overhead expenses.

Deal Sheet templates can then be assigned to a client or a job. As soon as a job is created, a Deal Sheet is automatically assigned, including the desired gross margin. Recruiters can dynamically confirm rates for both candidates and clients on the fly, while adhering to contractual rates and maintaining margins.

Our integration with the GSA database will auto-populate daily and weekly lodging and per diem rates based on the location of the job.

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Deal Sheets with Pay Packages from TargetRecruit will increase your speed-to-market and make your placements more profitable.

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