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For professional recruitment agencies, revolutionise the way you manage business operations with TargetRecruit. From candidate sourcing and applicant tracking to onboarding and performance management, our all-in-one software solution empowers you to streamline workflows and drive efficiency at every step. Whether you specialise in marketing, IT, finance, life sciences, or any other professional sector, our software is flexible and customisable to cater to your unique needs, freeing up valuable time to focus on what truly matters – building meaningful relationships with clients and successfully placing top-tier talent. 

Our Professional Recruiting Customers

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Built on a cutting-edge technology stack, and powered by Salesforce, we provide a CRM tailored specifically to professional recruiting services. Leverage a 360-degree view of candidate relationships allowing you to measure the success of your sales and marketing efforts every step of the way. From candidate search and sourcing to submission and placement, our CRM will provide you with the insights you need to optimise business operations and streamline multiple workflows on a unified database, all while ensuring exceptional service to clients and candidates.

We offer a wide range of features, including candidate screening, background verification, real-time availability tracking, and automated placement fulfillment. Plus, with our user-friendly interface and intuitive reporting dashboards, easily manage your industrial recruiting operations from anywhere, at any time.

Professional Recruiting Workflows

TargetRecruit offers a complete overview of clients and account partners in the professional services industry. Recruiters can access sales opportunities, contracts, historical jobs, applicants, interviews, placements, and receivable information, all from one place. Embed news and reports, including Deal Sheets and a margin calculator, assign them to accounts, and automate calculations related to pay and per diem rates.

ATS Workflows
  • Search using keywords and/or Boolean
  • Advanced filter operators such as equal to, not equal to, contains, starts with, greater than, less than, and does not contain
  • Use Saved Searches (private or public), Favorite Searches, and Recent Searches
  • Search results ranked by keyword count
  • Cycle through candidates with Smart Review or Quick Review and quickly take action
  • No data limitations – we search the entire database
  • Mass actions on search results such as emailing and texting candidates
  • Organise candidates into Hotbooks
  • Compare multiple resumes simultaneously
  • Ability to create applicants
  • Candidates can be applicants to several jobs simultaneously
  • Make a placement directly from a search


Ensuring seamless candidate placement with the necessary background, qualifications, and certifications is paramount to maintaining your reputation and fostering trust with your clients. However, acquiring this information can be slow, costly, and tedious. We enable you to gather this vital information digitally, from both the candidate and external sources, quickly and easily, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with your onboarding process, and enabling you to place qualified candidates in record time. Our credentialing tools include:

  • Customisable questionnaires to filter out unsuitable applicants
  • Immediate uploading of documentation via our secure portal
  • Secure online verification of background checks, drug testing, education, and employment
  • Seamless integration with online skills testing
  • Industry-standard encryption of sensitive personal information and restricted access
  • Credential/compliance packs that can be submitted to clients
  • Automated matching based on months/years’ experience not just keywords
  • Visual representation of candidate onboarding/compliance status via heatmaps
  • Integration with DocuSign providing e-signatures for sensitive information
Onboarding and Compliance Management

Middle Office

We automate and streamline back-end processes that free you up to spend more time doing what you do best.

  • Seamless integration of time capture and authorisation based on real-time placement information
  • Secure portals for candidates and clients to add/update/approve time capture
  • Secure entry and encryption of sensitive personal information (bank/payroll details)
  • Automated capture and calculation of overtime/expenses
  • Sophisticated configuration options for state or country-specific rules
  • Automated invoicing based on approved time capture
  • Self-billing for contractors/Ltd companies
  • Full visibility (where allowed) for relevant users of hours worked/invoicing
  • Full reporting including missing timesheetsIntegrated exports to payroll and GL solutions.
middle office ATS


Candidates and clients alike expect convenience and flexibility when it comes to job placement. With our advanced mobile capabilities, candidates can easily register and apply for jobs, check the status of previous applications, and log their time, all from the comfort of their own devices. This not only enhances the candidate experience but also frees up valuable time for your teams by allowing candidates to manage their own information in real-time. Clients can enjoy the same level of convenience by submitting vacancies, viewing shortlists, and approving time cards no matter where they are. 

All of this is possible via our suite of portals which offer the following features:

  • Secure data entry with access at any time and from any device
  • Fully configurable to capture or display the data that matters to you
  • Can be branded to match your corporate website and integrated seamlessly with existing content
  • Candidates can register, update details, provide GDPR consent, update availability, and log time
  • Clients can register, submit vacancies, view shortlisted candidates, approve time, and view invoices
  • Contractors can submit work hours and expenses
  • Hiring managers can accept or reject submissions
Candidate Portals

Reporting and Dashboards

To effectively manage and run your professional recruiting and recruitment firm, timely and accurate information for management is crucial. Yet, with many systems, reporting, and business intelligence functions are expensive add-ons that require extensive training and programming skills to fully utilise. At TargetRecruit, we eliminate these obstacles by utilising the powerful native Salesforce reporting tools. This enables managers at any level to easily create scheduled or ad-hoc reports without any specialised knowledge. This provides numerous practical benefits over other proprietary solutions, including:

ATS Reports and Dashboards
  • The ability for all users to create and modify reports and dashboards as required (with restrictions if needed)
  • Reports automatically have access to all standard and custom fields (even those you add yourself)
  • A completely “Point and Click” interface – no coding required
  • A drill-down capability to the underlying data can be embedded in all dashboards/reports
  • Instantly convert reports to charts and dashboards
  • Instantly convert reports to charts and dashboards
  • Reports can be scheduled and delivered by email to non-TargetRecruit users (e.g. leadership)
  • Support for individual, team and company-wide metrics
  • Access to free online training resources via Trailhead
  • Automatically supports any data partitioning rules (users only see the data they are allowed access to)
  • Supports accounting concepts – fiscal quarters and years
  • Reports can be user-specific and linked to user profiles, so your staff only see the information relevant to their job role
  • Mini-reports or graphical dashboard components can be embedded within records and refreshed on opening (e.g. days since last job, number of jobs open, etc.)
  • Sales or recruiting activity reports such as calls made, applicants created, internal interviews, client interviews, hires/starts

Our Professional Integrations

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