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The wealth of information that TargetRecruit puts at your fingertips – ranging from real-time snapshots of your business to yearly summaries – is one of the reasons our customers are so successful. By always knowing where you stand, you can spot trends early and make the best decisions for your company.

Reports and Dashboards

Your business has questions. Your TargetRecruit data has the answers.

Advantages of TargetRecruit’s Reporting

  • The ability for all users to create and modify reports and dashboards as required (with restrictions if needed)
  • Reports automatically have access to all standard and custom fields (even those you add yourself)
  • A complete “Point and Click” interface – no coding required
  • A drill down capability to the underlying data can be embedded in all dashboards/reports
  • Instantly convert reports to charts and dashboards
  • Reports can be scheduled and delivered by email to non-TargetRecruit users (e.g. leadership)
  • Support for individual, team and company-wide metrics
  • Access to free online training resources via Trailhead
  • Supports accounting concepts – fiscal quarters and years
  • Automatically supports any data partitioning rules (users only see the data they are allowed access to)
  • Reports can be user-specific and linked to user profiles, so your staff only see the information relevant to their job role
  • Mini-reports or graphical dashboard components can be embedded within records and refreshed on opening (e.g. days since last job, number of jobs open, etc.)

Report Formats

There are four different report formats available: Tabular, Summary, Matrix & Joined.

You also have the option to choose different chart types to display your results.

Report Benefits

Access to real-time data

Why make decisions on outdated and incomplete data that was manually run days prior?

Instantly report on a custom object or custom field added to a record

TargetRecruit provides 27 types of custom fields that can be added to a record within minutes. Once these are created, they are instantly available to reporting, filters, and beyond.

Pull from multiple objects into a single report

TargetRecruit’s reporting will instantly and automatically pull from large quantities of data and produce real-time insight. The information stays secured within the system of record depending on user profile permissions, will be easily accessible to all users. Many solutions and complex confusing and limited on the data that can be pooled from multiple facets of the product into a single report. This also required many manual efforts to build, export and combine multiple reported into single Excel sheet. Another negative of this approach is it removes all your data from the source of truth and is not updated in real-time.

Users can easily access and re-configure the report data through drag and drop capabilities

Ease of use for any user eliminates dependency on vendors or reporting specialists with limited bandwidth. Historically, producing reports from raw data can be tedious and inefficient. The time invested with creating these reports result in increased dependency and costs from a vendor and drains the time and talents of trained employees who would have been better focused elsewhere. Users can access real time data and slice and dice into a format they understand.

Exception Reports (Cross Filters)

When filtering reports, sometimes you want records with or without other related data. An example would be to find candidates without any activities in the past 30 days – or – jobs that are older than one week and have no applicants. Exception reports allow you to find where data does NOT exist. Use cross filters to further filter by any criteria.

Filter reports by any data point in the platform as well as custom or rolling date ranges

TargetRecruit allows filtering by custom date ranges, rolling days/weeks/months, calendar dates, configurable fiscal calendars, and more. No restrictions.

Produce reports that can be easily viewed on a mobile device!

Mobile reports

Row Level Formulas

Users have the ability to total or average values on rows. For example, if you want a view into your candidate pipeline and average hourly pay rate by location and title you simply run a report on candidates, group rows by title or skill, and add an additional grouping by city. You can drag and drop the hourly rate field as a column, then right click and select total or average. The end result is a report that shows the number of candidates per city by that title and what the average hourly pay rate is for that city.

Summary Formulas

These can handle complex calculations for all summary levels. Example: If you want to understand what clients have contributed the greatest amount of revenue this year, you can simply add columns/fields with the values for total revenue, group them by Account, and then summarise to display the percentage each account has contributed.

Joined Reports

Joined reports combine two reports with different report types within a single. For example, you can show account details in block 1, and related jobs or opportunities in block 2. Joined reports can add up to 3 into a single view.


Make the forecast for a team roll up to a specific region or categorise other data in a report.

Security and Permissions

You can designate reports as Public, Private or Shared. You can control who can view, edit, create and manage reports and dashboards. The ultimate in flexibility.

Advanced Reporting Features

  • Reporting Snapshots: Reporting Snapshots allow you to take a picture of a set of TargetRecruit records and freeze the data on them for future reference
  • Historical Trend Reporting: Trend reports are designed to glance back at historical field values on a given date (the “As of date”). 
  • Field-to-field Filters: These special filters make it possible to compare value in different fields on a report, when defining report filter criteria
  •  InLine Editing: Inline editing allows you to change the value of a field from a report.
  • Stacked Summaries: Stacked Summaries summarise a substantial amount of data for quicker review and comparison

Report Management Features

While you’re viewing your report, there are a few features available that, depending on your permissions, offer you various options.

  • Save As – Save a new version of the report
  • Save – Save changes to the current report
  • Subscribe – Subscribe to a report to receive an email with a frequency you specific
  • Export – Export the report to Excel or CSV
  • Delete – Delete the report
  • Add to Dashboard – Add the report as a component in a dashboard


custom dashboards for recruitment

Create dashboards from any report and have custom dashboards per user, per branch and more. Dashboards components come in a variety of chart types, and you can customise how data is grouped, summarised, and displayed for each component.

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